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Christy D


Christy Dreiling became Miss Kansas Teen USA and signed with prominent agencies from around the world to pursue a modelling and acting career. She became a covergirl for Maybelline. 

When Christy started her family she moved into fashion photography, enjoying the other side of the camera, shooting thousands of models for numerous clients. From photography, Christy moved into network marketing and within two years became one of the Top 20 income earners in the industry. Now, twenty years on, her YES strategy has impacted so many lives and brought in 1 billion dollars in sales to the company. Her work has taken her around the world, and won her the Million Dollar Hall of Fames award, Spirit of the company awards and more.   Recognized as an influential speaker, she has graced stages worldwide, igniting the hearts of over 16,000 souls with her powerful words. Sharing the stage with Hollywood icons such as John Travolta and Halle Berry, Christy's presence radiates authenticity and grace.

Christy holds a Master degrees in metaphysics Christy and has accrued thousands of coaching hours helping others through Spirituality and Love Leadership, Women Empowerment, Overcoming Adversity, Pushing Past Fear, Business Growth, Homelessness to Multi-Millionaire-makes.

Christy is the author of four books - including an illustrated children's book, Producer for the award winning documentarian film , The 25,000 Mile Love Story, a published songwriter - Sunrise Eyes (Jessica Alosserry) Free To Fly (Jenny Ross), and CEO of companies (Pandia Beauty, Prosperity Panties). She also has a Podcast called LOVE AND SERVE.

Christie will play the female lead in the upcoming feature film "Wish List," set to  film in November 2023. But nothing makes her more proud than seeing that her three little boys became divine masculine men who are changing the world. Christy has two granddaughters.

Height: 5' 5''
Bust: 34''
Waist: 28''
Hips: 38''
Shoes: 39
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond