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Liise K


I was born and raised in Canada but educated worldwide, living in Japan, Germany and England.Leaving Canada at the age of 18 to live and model in Japan and then Germany; I travelled and worked in Korea, China, United States, Chile, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and France. Through my adventures I developed a passion for travel as well as a passion for the camera; seeking a degree in photography upon my initial return to Canada, at the age of 20.Having been raised as an avid athlete I continued to pursue sport and earned a position on Canada’s National Barefoot Waterski Team, going to The World Championships, NewZealand Invitational and winning the Canadian National Title in ’94/’95. This, partnered with my experience in television from commercial modelling and my understanding of film, launched me onto the career path of a stunt performer. Over the past 30 years, I have performed in over 50 TV commercial and 100 feature films and television shows, as a stunt performer, stunt coordinator and an intimacy coordinator, including: X-Men: The Last Stand, The Incredible Hulk, Land of the Dead, Four Brothers, The Good House, Shazam!, Resident Evil, Chapelwaite and many more..

I consider marking time on the calendar a blessing and revel in all experiences, even the tough ones as that’s where the learning and growth comes from. Being a widowed single mother of two children, I learned early on it’s not about the hand that you are dealt but how you choose to play that hand. For myself…..I play hard and non-stop! 

Height: 5' 10''
Bust: 34''
Waist: 27''
Hips: 38''
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown