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I was born and raised in Kyoto in Japan. At age 20, I moved to New York to study at art school, focusing specifically on oil painting and acrylics in both landscape, flora, abstract with some portraiture. As a result of my time in New York I exhibited in both single/joint shows. My work is exhibited and sold worldwide but my favourite commissions are directly with a client interpreting their favourite place, feeling, etc.

I have been modelling for only a few years and enjoy the ‘art’ of modelling which interprets my image in very different ways; from couture stylised fashion for GQ China to casual streetwear with Daphne Selfe, stark lookbooks for All Saints or intimate lifestyle; including a campaign for De Beers diamond eternity rings with my husband of 30 years, which celebrated our long marriage.

Height: 5' 5''
Bust: 29½''
Waist: 25''
Hips: 35''
Shoes: 38
Eyes: Brown