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From School Choirs to Gilbert and Sullivan, Reggae, Rock, African, Nouveau Flamenco, Jazz and beyond, Ernie is a self-taught singer songwriter, percussionist and guitarist. He has travelled extensively and is bi-lingual, in English and German. He has spent most of the previous 20yrs in Australia and apart from life threatening encounters with sharks in South Australia, crocs and snakes in the Northern Territory and a category 4 cyclone in Cairns Far Northern Queensland, Australia brought an opportunity to develop his playing, writing and recording skills. It provided unique source material for his music, and some superb locations to play in, such as the legendary ‘Johnno’s Blues Bar’ again in FNQ. 

Happy to be back in England, he is now the percussionist and spokesperson for Red Seed, a four piece instrumental band playing original compositions with a strong Hispanic/Latino flavour, that can at times veer towards Moorish, Irish and even Medieval influences. He is an avid cook, creating amazing dishes influenced by his travels combining inspiration from across many cultures. He is also a voice coach and has recently started modeling, having been signed by Grey. Ernie is a new face, and is busy expanding his portfolio. 

Encouraged into modelling by his photographer daughter Ula, and wife Annie, he has a love for edgy classic styles, with his long curling silvery gold curls, craggy weathered looks and gentle smile. “The last time I did some modelling was 25yrs ago in New York on my daughter Emma’s shoot for Spanish Vogue, and now all of a sudden I’m doing it, this time in my own right. I love it..the whole thing, the sets, hair, makeup, wardrobe the professionalism, atmosphere, lighting, cameras……..” 

Ernie has worked on Vogue Italia – Mert & Marcus Sabotage, i-D/Gucci Eyewear, Vivienne Westwood Lookbook 2020. 

Height: 6' 0½''
Chest: 40''
Waist: 31''
Hips: 37''
Shoes: 43.5
Eyes: Blue green
Hair: Blond