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Jane S


I was born in England but raised in New Zealand from a toddler before moving on to Australia. I have a passion for beaches and was a keen and skilled surfer in my youth. The beach and water-life have strongly influenced my art and I try and take a beach with me wherever I go. I specialise in recycled and sustainable materials. I learnt the craft of papier-maché during my time living in Japan.

My artworks are sculptural and question our wasteful society, I am presently working on six life size Mermaids titled "Showgirls of the Underworld " they bring a message that highlights our oceans plight. My works regularly appear in exhibitions including:

I have been an Artist all of my life and a model since I was 16. Even though I am UK born, I received the esteemed title of 'Miss New Zealand' in 1978. Modelling has since taken me around the world, living in NZ, Australia, Japan and America. I am frequently booked on jobs that are very high-endfashion and lifestyle with a key focus on diversity including, Tia Maria, Colgate, MAC Cosmetics, Activia and beautiful by-the-sea brand, Seasalt. I love walking runway shows and loved walking for Julian Macdonald’s charity event in support osteoporosis.

I am a pro-age advocate who relishes great and active lifestyles. I worked as a yoga teacher for a while and enjoy music and dance.

I have a beautifully talented singer daughter and a grandson with whom I regularly model.

Height: 5' 7''
Bust: 36''
Waist: 29''
Hips: 36''
Shoes: 38
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Grey