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Mike M


Michael Millen is very possibly the fittest 70 year old on the planet. Olympian, Dame Kelly Holmes, sought out Michael for an interview after seeing his images and YouTube clips introducing him as:

"Mike Millen, 65 years old, is probably fitter and stronger than a lot of us. He has an incredible outlook on life. A model, fitness ambassador and an inspiration to many. Mike is fit, focused and loving life."

It is true. Mike Millen is at the top of his game when it comes to training, and when he’s in the gym, it’s him showing others just how far the human body can be pushed.

You might find him jumping onto an exercise ball to do squats, balancing on a kettlebell for pushups or hanging from the ceiling for a set of pull-ups.

Michael has run over five London marathons, completing one in 3 hours & 6 minutes following a broken ankle the previous month. He was one of the earliest extreme Tough Mudders to try out and advise on courses. His approach to fitness, diet and general well-being is to have fun. His creative workouts are full of positive energy, he is a stereotype-breaking machine inspiring others to live active lives of passion and purpose. He also outworks people half his age in the gym! Mike believes in a varied routine using his body as his main weight-training tool.

Mike was the face of Lyle & Scott underwear with the strapline "I look better than them!". This year he ran a half marathon in the Caribbean and had a training workout session in the Himalayas. He is an age-positive fitness ambassador and with body fat of just 6% he believes mobility is the key to health in age; improving ligaments, heart, lungs, PMA and core muscle strength.

Height: 5' 9''
Chest: 40''
Waist: 30''
Shoes: 40
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Grey