The international consumer market is changing rapidly. Successful businesses must adapt and refocus their marketing and branding to appeal to both a sophisticated media-savvy youth market and to a powerful older 50+ demographic who command a large proportion of spending capital across consumer markets.
Those who do what they have always done are no longer achieving what they always have. Power and influence has shifted to the consumer. Now brands, marketing advisors and creative agencies must adhere to their demands to be more inclusive, represent and promote diversity; creating memorable campaigns that shine out from their competitors as forward-thinking and fresh. 
Rebecca Valentine




artist management


intellectual property

conceptual 'risk'

consumer influence

unconscious bias

next generation wisdom

Business is an art form like any other.


Grey Model Agency is an art project borne out of lateral thinking to fill a gap in the market. Drawing on 20 years of experience working with Artists across disciplines - within the media and advertising, the music industry, PR, the fine art industry and publishing - my ability to understand and forecast social and market trends has won international acknowledgement and changed the course of brand identity in a matter of months.

This same approach has been applied over many years as an agent, producer, writer and events manager. My programs for the Oil & Gas industry attracted and equipped key decision-makers (Rebecca Mark - CEO Enron, Peter Greiner - Secretary of Energy, Brazil), coached artists from obscurity to winning awards in under 18 months, curated exhibitions (Dr. Martens), campaigns (Trevor Beattie - One Previous Owner) and events (CRUK Sound & Vision fundraiser) regarded as groundbreaking both financially and culturally.

This can be applied to your business, brand, project or campaign too.

Be dynamic. Be bold. Be the game-changer.

case studies

Dr Martens FreeDM2

Natural Gas in South America

Cancer Research UK Sound & Vision